Katarina Paunovic

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  • Memberships

    » Bird Study and Protection Society of Serbia: member since 2007

    » League for the Ornithological Action: member since 2006 (comeetee member  2007-2009)

    » Photo editor for "Detlic" - magazine for lovers of wild birds in Serbia

  • Exhibited photos

    » Within exhibition "Fragments of Nature" (group exhibition of 10 autorhs) at the premises of Photo Cinema and Video Association of Vojvodina and in Apolo Center in Novi Sad, exhibited 8 photos. You can see the photos from the exhibition here. (January 2013). Same exibition was also displayed at Novi Knezevac and Subotica / Hajdukovo in March 2013.

    » Within exhibition "Here, close to us" at Spens center in Novi Sad, exhibited 10 photos. You can see the photos from the exhibition here. (November 2009)

    » Within exhibition of most successful photos that participated in the competition "Najlepša fotografija ptice 2008."-"Best photograph of bird 2008" exhibited photo of Red-footed falcons that won the first place (April 2009)

    » Within exhibition "Awakening of Slano Kopovo" at  the hall of Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad, exhibited 15 photographs. (April/May 2008)

    » An exhibit of 30 wildlife photographs "Wondrous world of Zasavica" by the author Katarina Paunović,  at the gallery of Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, RJ Novi Sad. Generous sponsor of exhibit and catalog was Natural Conservation Movement of Sremska Mitrovica - manager of Special Nature Reserve of Zasavica.

    » Within exhibition of awarded photographs on international photographic contest "National Geographic Serbia" 2007, exhibited photo of bee-eater that won the first place in category "animals". (december 2007)

    » Within exhibition "Dani Dunava"-"Days of Danube" in the restaurant "Chiken tikka" in Novi Sad, exhibited one photo of ducks in flight (June 2007)

    » Within exhibition "Leptiri i moljci"-"Butterflies & moths", organized by National park Fruska gora, in Novi Sad exhibited photo of butterfly (May 2007)

    » Within exhibition of most successful photos that participated in the competition "Najlepša fotografija ptice 2006."-"Best photograph of bird 2006" 3 photos had been exhibited (March 2007)

    » Within exhibition "Letenje"-"Flying", organized by Natural History Museum in Belgrade , exhibited photo of gulls (October 2006)

  • Published photos

    » "Important bird areas in Serbia (IBA)" published by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Institute for Nature Protection of Serbia and the Provincial Secretariat for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development. ~ 25 photos.

    » "Illustrated atlas of Serbia" published by Evro Giunti. 12 photos inside + 2 photos on the cover page.

    » In "Central & Eastern European Wildlife"  published by Bradt Travel Guides UK, there are 7 photos of birds, amphibians and Serbian nature reserves.

    » In monography "Protected Natural Areas and Ecotourism of Vojvodina" published by group of authors from University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences - department for Geography, tourism and hotel management, Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia RJ Novi Sad and Provincial Secretary for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development AP Vojvodina. Published 50 photographs.

    » Magazine "Svet ptic" published by Birdwatching and Bird Study Society of Slovenia. January 2008, photo of Long-eared owl in flight on the cover page and three more photos of owls on pages 9, 11 and 13.

    » Within the project "Open your eyes. Protect owls!" - Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) Winter Roost Census in Serbia, conducted by The Biology Student Science and Research Society “Josif Pančić”, many photos of owls were published in media coverage of the project.

    » Tourist guide book "Vodič kroz Čačak" published by Tourist Organization of Čačak, year 2007. page 224, two photos of Mallards

    » Magazine "Eko List" ("Eco magazine"), page 42, 43, article "Little Long-eared owl, big problem" (text Milan Ružić) - photos of owls

    » Magazine "Ljubav Za Životinje" ("Love for Animals"), No 5, page 16, article "Ulepsajmo Parkove, pomozimo vrapcima" (text Milan Ružić) - photo of sparrow

    » Magazine "Dobro Jutro" ("Good Morning") No 414, pages 62, 63, 64 i 65 " Ptice u službi poljoprivrede" (interview with Nikola Stanojević, text by S.Živanovic) - 7 photos on pages 62, 63 i 64

    » Newspaper "Gradjanski list", page 10, article "Brojimo Sove i sačuvajmo ih od sujeverja" (interview with Milan Ružić, text by M.Pv), photo of owls in the upper right corner

    » Newspaper "Večernje Novosti" 22.2.2007, page 22, "Sujeverje ubija sove" (interview with Milan Ružić, text by Nemanja Subotić - little photo of owl in the upper left corner

    Many more photos had also been used in several newspapers (but I don't have all that documentation) as well as in few mini brochures related to protection of birds and bird habitats.

  • Published photos in articles on the internet

    » Životinjsko Carstvo, "Ornithological Eldorado - Nature Reserve Ottenby" , text and photos Katarina Paunovic

    » Životinjsko Carstvo, "Jastreb kokošar" - "Goshawk" (tekst Predrag Kostin) - photo of goshawk

    » B92 > Život > Opstanak, "Koliko košta priroda?" "How much does nature costs?" (text Dragan Simić) - photos of grey heron, golden finch and ducks

    » Životinjsko Carstvo, "Povratak Vodomara" "The return of kingfisher" (text Dragan Simić) - 2 photos

    Životinjsko Carstvo "Neprimetni susedi - pčelarice" "Our quiet neighbors - Bee-eaters" (text Dragan Simić) - 3 photos

    » Životinjsko Carstvo "Ptičarenje u jeku godišnjih odmora" "Birdwatching during summer holidays" (text Dragan Simić) - photo of moorhens with chick

    » Životinjsko Carstvo "Seobe" "Migrations" (text Dragan Simić) - 2 photos